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Committees and the spheres of their activities shall be as follows: 

  • Defense, National security and Internal Affairs- defense, security and internal affairs, emergency situations, police, military-industrial complex, military-educational institutions, military and police services
  • Financial-Credit, Budgetary and Economic Affairs - budgetary legislation, state budget, loans, credits, money, money turnover, banking system, financial-credit organizations, taxes, duties, payments, industry, urban development, energy, transport, communication, telecommunication, other branches of production infrastructure, tourism, trade and services, entrepreneurial activity, state property management
  • Foreign Relations - international treaties, international relations and interparliamentary relations
  • Science, Education, Culture, and Youth Affairs - science, education, publication, culture, links with Diaspora, press, radio, television, youth, sport
  • Social Affairs, Health Care - social security, problems of disability, labour, employment, housing conditions, demography and repatriation, health care, maternity and childhood, agriculture, natural resources, nature protection
  • Environment and State and Legal Affairs- constitutional amendments, electoral system, public service, judiciary, justice, prosecutor's office, civil, criminal and administrative legislation, Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, human and civil rights and freedoms, law and notary services, children’s rights, parties and other public associations, religion, gender issues, national minorities, information

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